Watercolor Stain Transparent


The RVAG was established in 1965, by a group of people who wanted to get together to discuss their art. As the group increased in size they began to see the need for a greater awareness about art throughout the Tri-State area.  The Tri-State Region consists of Laughlin, NV, Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, AZ., the Mojave Indian Reservation, and Needles, CA.
They formalized their identity by incorporating according to Arizona State law in 1997. The RVAG became a 501 C-3 non-profit organization according to the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service in 2008.
This organization has researched many of the most successful “destinations” and discovers one universal truth: they all started as unique communities with their own identities.  
RVAG’s target mission is to promote the visual arts at the highest level of excellence throughout of the Tri-State Region. We believe our efforts help to make our communities unique and a better place to live. We give to artists of all ages in recognition of excellence in the fine arts; and we offer venues for artists to show their work. We are also strong supporters of the arts and crafters in our region.